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Use images and videos to market your online course. Include a CTA in your profile description, your image and caption. As an addition to using social media to market your online course, Instagram stories are a great way to tell the story of your course and make your brand more human and more memorable. Research the best times to post and always include a direct CTA. Sell your course before the big launch by offering teaser content to your email list.

The aim is to whip up excitement before the course is available, so your subscribers will snag it up. Start with companies you already know and have a relationship with. This follows on from a phone call. Use this technique to sell your online course if it has a high price point. Your course hosting platform should make rewarding your students easy. For example, Kajabi integrates with Zapier to allow you to send certificates of completion. Offer a coaching session to develop a relationship with potential course students.

Provide enough value to show you know your stuff and point them to your course for more information. Invite them to share their breakthroughs from using your course. Reach out to experts and ask if they want to contribute to a module in your course or offer a bonus. Choose an expert who has a good track record and large following. Offer affiliate payments to entice the expert to agree to be part of your online course. Include a condition that the expert needs to market your course to their audience. Showcase your expertise by speaking at a conference. Give your audience innovative ways to solve problems.

Giving a timely, engaging and impactful TED Talk could have a big impact on the sales of your online course. Invite your subscribers or group members to take part in a bootcamp. This is where you provide support for people to achieve a quick-win on a topic related to your paid online course. Businesses as well as individuals need to learn via online courses.

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Create online courses for businesses and sell licenses. You can ask them to handle the technical parts themselves. Depending on the resources they download, send them information about the most fitting course. This is a step further from a resource library.

Although most membership sites are normally paid, start one for free if your online course has a high price point. Use your membership site to upsell and cross-sell your other courses. Market your online course by giving your website visitors the chance to spin to win different prices. Neil Patel uses the spin to win technique to grow his email list.

Keep it simple and to the point. Ask a few questions and ask for email addresses to reveal the answers. You can then market your online course to these leads. Upsell to existing students, if you have more than one online course. Every dollar matters in the fight against breast cancer. Never miss an opportunity: Now is not the time to be shy.

When people ask why, the conversation door has been opened. Let them know what your fundraising goal is and then ask for a donation. This is a great opportunity to educate your community and fundraise at the same time. Corporate Matching: Take advantage of corporate matching gifts programs. Many of your donors may work for companies that have a program like this — their donation could double simply by filling out a form from their Human Resources department and following the steps to submit a matching gift.

The Power of Ask 10 friends to donate 10 dollars each to reach a fundraising milestone of dollars! Think of the local community impact that dollars from each participant could achieve! Corporate Sponsor Shirt: Identify one corporate sponsor that you can ask for a large donation.


Offer to wear their shirt for advertising while training and on the event. If you have a friend who waits or bartends, ask them, too. Spare Change: Ask your favorite restaurant or local pub to put out a jar for donations of spare change. Decorate it with quotes, pictures, pink ribbons. Donation for Days: Ask people to donate an amount per each mile of your 5k 3.

Supporters – Ways to Contribute: Donate

Remember they can pay over the course of three months. Reminding your donors of the option to donate over time is a great way to increase the size of donations. Delegate: Give your close friends donation forms and ask them to get donations for you. Birthday: In lieu of a gift for your birthday, ask your friends and family to make a donation to Susan G.

Komen Greater Iowa. House-Warming: In lieu of a house-warming gift, ask your friends and family to make a donation to Susan G.

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Wedding Gift: In lieu of a gift for your wedding, ask your friends and family to make a donation to Susan G. What an incredible way to kick off your new life! Ask your doctor s , dentist and veterinarian for a donation.

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Ask your chiropractor and therapist for a donation. Ask your yoga instructor or personal trainer for a donation. Ask your lawyer and insurance agent for a donation. Ask your auto mechanic or dry cleaner for a donation , or for coupons that you can use at a fundraising party or raffle. Ask your neighbors: Write a note to all of the neighbors on your block or in your apartment building to ask for donations.

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Ask your hair stylist: If not a donation in the form of a check, then perhaps in the form of haircuts! You can probably raise more donations in two hours of haircutting than you can imagine — be sure to get the word out! This is a great way to let them feel very much a part of your experience. Offer services to the neighbors to get them involved. Bring your donation forms and a donation jar — ask everyone in attendance. Spinning Class: Hit up your spinning class instructor and classmates. We found them on the web at www.

They were able to custom create 2, Bio-Docs for the local kids: The event was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, so it was free to the community. Kid Safe did all the work and we just promoted the event. It was very easy to do. Pretty nice for a one day event! Coins: Go to your local mall or shopping center and ask what they do with the coins in the fountain.

You name it. You can do it for donations. You can even use local Girl Scout or Boy Scout troops to help be your man power for this fun activity. Hang the donation cards around your office in recognition to those that have donated.

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Donation location at work or other highly visible location: Set up a table in front of your local grocery store. Get permission first, and then ask everyone who enters to support you. Remember that in addition to raising much-needed funds, you are also playing an important role in raising awareness. Some walkers give a token pink ribbon as a thank you to strangers who donate at an event such as this.

Dog walking for donations: Send out a flyer to your neighborhood offering your services to dog walk or dog-sit while the owners are out of town. Walk in Public: Set up a treadmill outside of a store and walk for donations. Set out a donation can for people to drop donations in. Lemonade, anyone? This is a great way to get your kids or neighbors involved and have them feel like they are joining you in making a difference.

Benefit night at a local restaurant: Check in with your favorite local hangouts. Many restaurants already have programs in place to help you fundraise at their establishment. Be a guest bartender? A guest griller? Or hand out coupons to their establishment for a percentage of profits for that evening. Bottle Drive: Start a bottle drive.

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Let your local school, pool, gym know that you will do the same for them. Garage Sale: Ask all of your friends and neighbors to participate by donating items for sale. Make signs that indicate all proceeds are going to Susan G. Super Change Jar: Ask all of your friends and family to put aside their spare change to be added to the super change jar. This is a great idea to put into action at work, too. Decorate the jar with inspirational quotes and photos from your training walks. Car Wash: Hold a car wash — either in your neighborhood, at your place of worship, or at your place of business.

For example, writing a blog post could be an idea for furthering a Java User Group, for helping an open source project, for helping adopt a JSR, etc. I have blogged myself on how blogging can help other developers. Some ideas were almost as simple as falling off a log. Recounting one's favorite JavaOne experiences or lessons learned was another. Other easy ideas include simply requesting a new feature for a forthcoming JSR, writing a FAQ for a favorite or newly learned API or open source project, or even simply creating a simple web page listing available resources for more information on a particular subject.

The three speakers at this session reiterated that there are selfish motivations to improving Java. They were able to tie better Java user groups, better Java adoption, and so forth to benefits for all of us. They pointed out, for example, that if typical developers help with more mundane tasks such as open source project documentation and responding to questions in forums, others can focus on development of new libraries and language features.

Verburg mentioned a couple of times that we probably want Brian Goetz focused on improving the lambda expressions implementation in JDK 8 and we can help by working on mundane things surrounding that so that he can focus on the implementation itself.

101 Ways to Contribute 101 Ways to Contribute
101 Ways to Contribute 101 Ways to Contribute
101 Ways to Contribute 101 Ways to Contribute
101 Ways to Contribute 101 Ways to Contribute
101 Ways to Contribute 101 Ways to Contribute
101 Ways to Contribute 101 Ways to Contribute
101 Ways to Contribute 101 Ways to Contribute

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