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Send email Mail. Print Print. Author Bianca Schulze. My tween girls would love this! It would be a great addition to our library. September 12, September 16, Leave A Comment Cancel Reply. And when Iris figures out how to create magical rainbow slides that will allow her to travel from Mount Olympus to Earth and back in a flash, she suddenly becomes a messenger in high demand.


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Athena wants to upgrade a labyrinth for King Minos, but her approach causes problems in this Goddess Girls adventure. ISBN: pap ; hrd. Meet Cassandra, the newest student at Mount Olympus Academy! She has an amazing talent—but will her new friends believe her? This Goddess Girls story is based on the myth of Cassandra, who has the gift of seeing the future—except no one believes her. Can Apollo, the god of prophecy, help his new crush? Orpheus is a mortal rock god, and the girls at Mount Olympus Academy are wild about him!

With his lyre and singing voice, Orpheus can charm pretty much anything—even things like stones and trees. In fact, they are less than thrilled that the girls are so gaga over this guy. His fans are especially excited about his latest song about the girl he loved and lost, Eurydice. Orpheus was devastated when he lost Eurydice to the Underworld, so he asks Persephone to help get her back. Though it means breaking some very serious Underworld rules, Persephone pushes Hades to return Eurydice to the living world.

Aphrodite The Diva

Can Pheme ever be trusted? Pandora is one of the few mortals at Mount Olympus Academy—and probably the most curious of all the students in school. Her quizzical nature is famous—not that she thinks there is anything wrong with being curious, of course! What could be the harm in that?

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But little does she know that opening the box will open up more trouble than she thought. Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Persephone are sick and tired of being left out of the annual boys-only Olympic Games. Their solution? The Girl Games!

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But as the Goddess Girls work to make their dream into a reality, they come up against plenty of chaos and competition. Told in alternating points of view, this superspecial is packed with Olympic spirit! All Medusa wants is to be more like her two sisters and the other kids in her class: immortal.

As one of the few mortals at Mount Olympus Academy, she is sick and tired of being surrounded by beautiful, powerful, godboys and goddessgirls classmates. Led by Artemis, Athena, Persphone and Aphrodite, the ladies of Mount Olympus hatch a plan to get Zeus to open up the games to everyone. Will they succeed—or end up watching from the sidelines again? After a teeny misunderstanding in class, Aphrodite is failing Hero-ology.

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To raise her grade, she concocts a brilliant plan—an extra-credit project for matchmaking mortals. This brings her face-to-face with fierce competition—an Egyptian goddessgirl named Isis. Now the race is on to see which of them can matchmake Pygmalion—the most annoying boy ever! Will Aphrodite wind up making a passing grade after all? She started there a few months ago herself. It will take all of her famed wisdom to sort out her own problems and help Heracles succeed!

Little do they know that despite her expert archery skills, the smelly geryons, ring-nosed Minotaurs, and stinging scorpions in Beast-ology class scare her as much as anyone else!

Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6) Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6)
Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6) Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6)
Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6) Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6)
Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6) Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6)
Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6) Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6)
Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6) Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6)
Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6) Aphrodite the Diva (Goddess Girls Book 6)

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