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Getting ready song ideas

This list is a good start to making sure your wedding or special event has the best and newest music for dancing.

Best Wedding Songs Guide to Wedding Music

Check back often as the Top Best Wedding Songs changes dynamically. You can also find a DJ, Photographer, or Videographer for your event.

Share with the facebook community your thoughts on the most top popular wedding songs. With over a hundred thousand songs suggested, this list is probably the most accurate available. If the bride or groom is inclined to take up the mic, this is a great song to croon to your beloved. It can even find a place as the recessional song of the ceremony. And really, what else can you ask from a Michael Jackson wedding song?

Top Wedding Songs List

Your lonely days are indeed gone. In every DJ's back pocket is an arsenal of songs guaranteed to pack the dance floor. This is absolutely one of those songs.

Live Band vs. DJ (vs. Self-DJ / Playlist)

It's got a compelling beat, call and response, easy-to-sing-along-to lyrics, and a fluffy funk that makes it fun. The lyrics are somewhat sexual so it won't work if you've got a sensitive crowd, but otherwise make sure your DJ includes this track.

Top 10 Country Wedding Songs

By choosing the best wedding songs possible and having an open bar , you can make this dream a reality. The goal here is to get them to cry, agree? Then choose a song that makes them think of you as a newborn baby. We can pick our wedding party, but not everyone is a dance robot sent back from the future to get the party started. Jump-start their human boogie bones with this party fuel.

100 Best Wedding Songs

Here are best bets for slowish wedding reception music. Some people would argue every song is the best wedding song for a sing-along, and those people also do the sprinkler, probably. But there is something magical about all of your guests slurring their way through a well-known tune. The songs proven to get your grandma on the dance floor or summon her spirit.

Best Wedding Song - Better Today - Coffey Anderson (on iTunes and GooglePlay)

You need those photos or those orb photos , so you need at least a few of these songs. While it is fun to stay at the Y. Let your rainbow flag fly with these tunes.

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Each genre brings its own vibe to your epic post-nuptial dance-a-thon. To get the best boogie for your buck, be sure you add the best tracks from each genre to your playlist.

George Strait and Shania Twain obviously made our playlist of Country and Americana wedding songs, but we had to give some love to modern country, too. Unfortunately, we do not offer rental bell-bottom tux pants or platform patent leather shoes.

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  5. Best Wedding Songs Best Wedding Songs
    Best Wedding Songs Best Wedding Songs
    Best Wedding Songs Best Wedding Songs
    Best Wedding Songs Best Wedding Songs
    Best Wedding Songs Best Wedding Songs
    Best Wedding Songs Best Wedding Songs
    Best Wedding Songs Best Wedding Songs
    Best Wedding Songs Best Wedding Songs

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