Callie Cat, Ice Skater

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Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Anne Kennedy illustrator. Seller Inventory M Items related to Callie Cat, Ice Skater. Callie Cat, Ice Skater. Eileen Spinelli. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Day and night, Callie Cat ice skates on the pond in her backyard. Callie practices day and night and often daydreams about skating when she is doing other things.

She works hard, unable to identify the "melting sweetness" she feels every time she hits the ice. Her friends convince her to sign up for a co Callie's friends don't get her passion for skating--until they hear about a contest and pressure her into competing. After doi Product List. But things doesn't go to well without the old Stinky. A newcomer to town named Parroting Pedro drives Peck crazy repeating everything he says and does. Peck thinks that everyone in town is teasing him but Pedro doesn't realize that copying and repeating someone can cause so much trouble.


Due to this, Peck puts Pedro in jail. Later, Callie, after apologizing for Peck's actions, takes Pedro to Echo Canyon where he finds out how repeating after Peck made Peck feel. Toby wants to be a reporter like Abigail and tries to find a "scoop" that is newsworthy but doesn't realize that his curiosity will get him into big trouble. While camping out in the desert with Sheriff Callie and hearing Sheriff Callie telling them a spooky story, Peck and Toby, woke up in the middle of the night terrified by the spooky noises, borrow Sheriff Callie's lasso while she's asleep.

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Everyone soon gets deprived of sleep and a horrific sweltering heat wave strikes Nice and Friendly Corners when Peck and Toby use the lasso to lasso the sun and get it to rise earlier! While a invasive swarm of berry eating bugs is threatening to destroy the town's rutaberry crop, Sheriff Callie calls on the townsfolk to gather at Farmer Stinky's farm to pick the rutaberries. Unfortunately the townsfolk bicker on which way is the best way to pick a rutaberry, but discovered that all of their different methods on picking rutaberries can work out if they all work together as a team.

Toby sports a fake mustache in hopes that he'll be regarded as a rough, tough cowboy like his hero Sagebrush Sam. Unfortunately it causes problems because the mustache that Toby picked is too long. Doc steals Tio's tres colores peppers during the annual chili cook-off, therefore resorting to cheat in order to be the winner of this year's annual chili cook-off but resulted in a fiery disaster of hot fiery chili that threatens to bury the town!

Only Tio's cooling beans can cool down the fiery mess that Doc created. Peck feels replaced when Toby hangs out with his new porcupine friend, Polly-May, more than him. Toby is excited to be the first-ever newspaper delivery cactus.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Wikipedia

Unfortunately, a young bulldog starts to pick on him. The folks are cleaning up the town, but Peck wants to remove the tumbleweeds all by himself, without asking for help. Peck gets in trouble because he hikes the wrong way. Dillo overcomes stage fright with the help of Peck. When Toby discovers that a pair of boots were left alone at the bank of Nugget Creek, Toby must return these to the rightful owner instead of keeping them.

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When Peck is nervous on how to stop bank robbers, Sheriff Callie and Toby decides to pretend to be bank robbers. Meanwhile, the bandits from the episode, "Train Bandits" have returned and successfully robbed the bank and Peck who mistakes them for Sheriff Callie and Toby must find a way to stop them. After the folks got cured by Priscilla's feel better flowers, Stinky ends up with the sniffles.

When Priscilla's out of flowers, she decides to come along with Sheriff Callie to Golly Washer Canyon to get more feel better flowers for her cousin Stinky. Along the way,they both need to overcome their fears of mud Priscilla and water Sheriff Callie to get the flower.

Callie and the Stepmother (Susan A. Meyers)

While everyone is putting patches on a quilt for Governor Groundhog for Founders Day, Peck and Clementine are making a special gift for him in Rocky Ridge: stone heads of the Governor. But Peck's special surprise only ends up putting the Governor and Peck in danger. When Dirty Dan becomes clean and wearing all white clean clothes, he attracts everyone's attention and renamed himself Clean Dan. However, this depresses Dusty since he misses his dirty brother. When the train bandits successfully steal the town flag, Sheriff Callie and Deputy Peck must find a way to retrieve their flag from the bandits' fort.

Peck wants to go to the Rodeo Ring, but due to his failures on some tricks, he becomes too nervous to go because he didn't want to be a laughingstock. Then, after some encouragement from Sheriff Callie and Toby, Peck decides to be a rodeo clown. However, when 2 dog bandits steals the million dollar bull Anggus, Peck must find a way to stop them.

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It's Christmas in town, and Toby wished that he wants to have a critter like Sheriff Callie and Peck. However, when a pair of animal wranglers steals Santa's sleigh, Toby with a help of 1 reindeer named Comet must find a way to stop them from escaping. And later, Toby has a goat as his Christmas gift and named him Little Prickles.

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Tricky Travis and Oswald the Bear have returned and managed to steal the Christmas tree after he tricks the towns folks with a marching band. However, the duo soon changed their minds when they see how happy the towns folks are, but instead of locking them in jail, Sheriff Callie gives them a 2nd chance. A bandit named Kit Cactus comes to town and many towns folks mistake him for Toby.

But when Kit Cactus causes trouble, the real Toby ends up getting accused for the crimes.

Callie Cat, Ice Skater

While Sheriff Callie is hunting for a barnstorming bandit, Peck is dismayed when he was tasked to stay in the jailhouse writing descriptions of the missing cows. It is soon revealed that the bandit uses a plane to steal the cows. A chicken named Phineas Foolery was apprehended for cheating and Peck was on guard.

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However, when Peck is inspired by Phineas' tricks, he failed to realize that Peck is being fooled by the latter. Sheriff Callie, Peck, and Toby must stop him before he tricks anymore victims. While everyone enjoys at the fun fair, Doc is busy filling his hot air balloon with helium and repeatedly fails.

But when Doc accidentally releases the rope securing the balloon, Doc and Toby are on a wild balloon ride with Doc who's clueless on how to steer it. When Sparky became unhappy with Sheriff Callie not playing with him, he decides to go free and play with the other wild horses, unaware that they even Sparky are the targets of horse thieves. Sheriff Callie together with Deputy Peck must rescue her beloved horse and the other wild horses. Ella becomes jealous of Toby when he impresses the customers. Toby is excited to go to the snowy mountains.

But when a guzzle bear wrecks Dirty Dan and Dusty's camp, Toby becomes depressed when the snowy mountain is dangerous with the bear around. Later, Peck and Toby covered the whole town in sugar and flour to make it a snow day and Ella's soup unexpectedly lure the bear and then hibernate in their town. But when Toby accidentally woke the bear up, it becomes enraged and chased them but Sheriff Callie managed to make it hibernate by throwing the snowman in his cave. After that, Toby accidentally causes an avalanche creating a big snow ball but Sheriff Callie stops it with her lasso and then uses it to make snow in town.

Abigail decides to enter the Silver Skates Ice Contest since she's the best ice skater. However their contest will have to wait due to the Silverado Brothers stealing every silver they find and while Sheriff Callie goes after the duo, Abigail decides to teach Peck how to skate to make the latter forget the accident last time. However, when Peck was shocked to see that Governor GroundHog is the judge, Peck's fear returns but soon overcomes it when he pairs up with Abigail to stop the Silverado Brothers and retrieved the Silver Trophy and they both win the trophy.

After a disaster with her performance, Frida Fox ends up with a crooked tail. Sheriff Callie becomes the substitute for Frida's performance. Unfortunately, Peck and Toby become worried because they might think that Sheriff Callie might not come back to town. Toby, Mr. Dillo and Tio decides to recruit members for their Volunteer Fire Department, and succeeded after some encouragement from Sheriff Callie together with a fire engine.

Unfortunately, things are about to turn worse when Peck, Priscilla, and Stinky are in a disagreement with each other and also using the fire engine for their own chores. But little do Callie and Ella know that the vulture trio are actually bandits. Carin Greenberg. Peck and Toby are excited to ride the Twirl of Fun until they become upset that they're too short to ride it. Unfortunately for Peck and Toby, it only causes problems for themselves and to anybody else in the fair. But thanks to their error, Farmer Stinky's problem is fixed and won the blue ribbon for his biggest watermelon. Peck and Toby argue over a pair of golden roller boots. Tricky Travis tricks some townsfolk into trading him their most valuable possessions.

Callie Cat, Ice Skater

Bandits rob the town bank and Sheriff Callie entrusts Peck to lock up the leader while she pursues the other thieves. Toby judges the town's dance contest and some of the locals try to bribe him to win first place. A horse named Johnny Strum begins using his voice to entrance the citizens of Nice and Friendly Corners to take their valuables and steals Sheriff Callie's guitar, Sweet String. Callie must stop him or risk failing under his spell too. The Milk Bandit tricks the townsfolk into digging a hole into Farmer Stinky's cavern so he can steal all the milk.

Peck and Toby are left alone to defend the town against bandits, after the rest of the townsfolk leave to see a wild west show. The Trouble brothers steal the town's wishing well. Jolene and Jefro Beaver blackmail Sheriff Callie by damming up the creek. Bandits steal a giant jack o' lantern full of treats for entire town. The townsfolk plan a surprise party for Ella. But her curiosity ends up getting the best of her.

The Milk Bandit tries to steal all the town's milk during Dairy Days. Sheriff Callie attempts to lead a crowded stagecoach across a bandit-filled prairie.

Callie Cat, Ice Skater Callie Cat, Ice Skater
Callie Cat, Ice Skater Callie Cat, Ice Skater
Callie Cat, Ice Skater Callie Cat, Ice Skater
Callie Cat, Ice Skater Callie Cat, Ice Skater
Callie Cat, Ice Skater Callie Cat, Ice Skater
Callie Cat, Ice Skater Callie Cat, Ice Skater
Callie Cat, Ice Skater Callie Cat, Ice Skater
Callie Cat, Ice Skater Callie Cat, Ice Skater

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