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It's serious business — and toys are the tools of the trade. Here is an age-wise guide to how kids play, and to the toys that entertain and help kids understand the world, learn social and emotional skills, and stimulate a developing brain. Play in the first year of life is all about exploration. Babies use their five senses to learn about the interesting new world around them: Does an object feel hard or soft? Sticky or rough?

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Or put it in my mouth? Most play consists of "tasting" or mouthing an object and shaking, banging, or dropping it. When your baby develops new motor skills, play becomes more coordinated and complex. For example:.

Smart Baby Shapes: Learning games for toddler kids

During this time, play is usually a solitary activity, but playing side-by-side with other babies and imitating activities is common by year's end. For now, you are your baby's favorite playmate. Have you ever danced a puppet in front of your baby's face, only to have him grab it and pull it toward his mouth?

Or has he ever squealed in anticipation and delight when you creep toward him, saying, "I'm gonna get you! These interactions help your baby learn about language, social relations, and cause-and-effect. Once babies begin to understand how things in the environment relate to each other and how they taste, smell, feel, and sound, babies are ready for the next stage of development: figuring out how they work. Toddlers are becoming aware of the function of objects.

They like to stack blocks, babble into a toy phone, or drink from a "big kid" cup. Puzzle 5. Puzzle 6. Puzzle 7. Puzzle 8. When People Are Mad At Me - This story will help your child in developing emotional intelligence and dealing with unpleasant feelings. It gives the child possible options to choose from in order to deal with the situation more efficiently.

Fish-Shapes - Play a game of basic geometry shapes! Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, ellipse, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon. Pokemon GO!

Colors and shapes for kids

PokemonGO There's a different Pokemon in each picture, you're job is to find it, you only have 3 lives and the faster you catch them the more score you'll get! I Learn To Calm Down - This story will help your child in developing emotional intelligence and dealing with unpleasant feelings.

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Fruits Puzzles - How many fruits can your child recognize? The content that you have for Preschool and Elementary age students on your site is so wonderful. My students love interacting with it. We appreciate and applaud your efforts! From " Kids on the Computer " blog: "Sheppardsoftware. There's a special section just for preschoolers and kindergardeners that is fun without being too busy and overstimulating. I teach a developmentally delayed 2nd grader who simply cannot grasp colors and your game has helped so much.

I change it a little in that I tape a strip across the bottom with the color words under the boxes learning to read the color names. I also turn off the volume and instead of him hearing what the object is, I have him tell me what color it is as he is dragging it. Works great. Thanks again. I just love it. I work with first graders so that is how I found out about this site, but it will be the perfect thing for my pre-school grandson.

He will flip over this site, I just know it.

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  5. It will become his favorite, that I can guarantee. Just the thing he needs for working with his colors. Thank You so much!

    My son is better able to understand his colors, numbers etc. Thank you for a beautiful site. I cannot wait to show them! I happened to stumble upon the preschool section as I was exploring the site at home. What an awesome job you guys have done with the preschool section. I have a 2 year old little girl and we played around with the colors and shapes game last night and it was so much fun. She loves it!

    Shapes Games | PBS KIDS

    I was amazed at how user friendly the programs were for my daughter. She actually cried when I told her we had to stop and get ready for bed. I work in a FMD room K-2 with 8 children 6 autistic, 2 other and we are always looking for interactive games online. Thank you so much for making just what we have been looking for. I am a huge Sheppard Software fan!

    Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids
    Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids
    Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids
    Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids
    Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids Colors And Shapes For Smart Kids

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