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The only two marketing channels that lower-income bloggers rely on more than higher-income bloggers do are Facebook and Twitter. But higher-income bloggers do put more emphasis on some social networks: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, reddit, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat though those last two get low scores from both groups. The majority of higher-income bloggers say that email, paid promotion, and YouTube are more important now than they were a year or two ago, while social media is about the same or less important.

There are key differences in the types of blog posts being published by higher- and lower-income bloggers. Of all the types we asked about, the most common flavor of blog post is list articles, with about the same percentage of both income levels publishing them over the past year. But after that, higher-income bloggers tend to favor how-to guides and case studies, while lower-income bloggers publish more opinion pieces and product reviews. Glen Allsopp, Founder of detailed.

Roundups — and supporting those on the same journey — makes sense in that regard.

Do people really make money blogging?

That, and I would imagine many give link love within value-giving articles, rather than dedicating content to roundups. I was pretty surprised to see list articles to be so common, though they can be done in a very interesting way e. Great data! While overall average blog post length has been covered elsewhere, this question addresses how long the best-performing blog posts are. Some people do systematic research to decide what topics to write about, while others rely on gut instinct.

Care to guess which is more common among higher-income bloggers? The majority of higher-income bloggers use some form of strategic research to help decide on post topics, while lower-income bloggers do so much less often. Interestingly, while the answers to several other questions in this study demonstrate that higher-income bloggers favor SEO over social media, those same bloggers use social media research slightly more often than keyword research.

That may be because basic, informal social media research can be done quickly on the social networks themselves, while keyword research typically involves additional tools. Cyrus Shepard , Founder of Zyppy. In my defense, I know my subject area very, very well. On the other hand, this confirms the importance of research when creating content. Obviously, a huge number of folks find success with social media research, as this is likely a channel from which these bloggers successfully generate traffic. A meaningful specific beats a wandering generality.

An inch wide and a mile deep. There are plenty of aphorisms about focusing on a specific area rather than trying to appeal to everyone. But do they hold up? It comes from a sense of worthlessness that they want a big number to help them overcome. In reality, finding the right audience is more important.

The reason we can do that is the Mixergy audience is full of real entrepreneurs with real companies, so advertisers pay more to reach them. Higher-income bloggers are much more likely to put deliberate thought into understanding their typical reader or target audience, with over two-thirds of them doing so. Many bloggers write all their own content and do not hire writers at all. But of those that do outsource their article writing, we thought it would be interesting to see how much they pay per article. That aligns with what lower-income bloggers tend to pay.

A little less than half of the lower-income bloggers we surveyed actually make money from their blogs. Both of those methods are also popular with higher-income bloggers, but a much larger proportion of higher-income bloggers sell their own product or service compared to lower-income bloggers. While lower-income bloggers tend to say they have more challenges with their blogs, the top three difficulties are the same among both income levels. Major takeaways:. Motivation can be very important. With this question, we wanted to see if there were any major differences between the motivations of higher-income and lower-income bloggers.

The tactics employed by each group are also quite a bit different from each other. For example, someone who is building a lifestyle business might focus on generating search engine traffic and passive income through affiliate marketing, while a freelancer might focus on guest posting and building authority through case studies and interviews.

It would be foolish to look at the charts above as a checklist of blogging trends that everyone should follow in order to be successful. Adopting any of these techniques too early or in the wrong scenario may even make a blog less likely to succeed. For example, unprofitable blogs will probably only become more unprofitable if they start using paid promotion.

Maybe you should try a hiring better writers to b write longer posts that are c more narrowly aimed at your specific target audience. The key is to think about how these techniques may fit in with the stage your blog is at, as well as what you are trying to accomplish. Now , click here for a bonus chart of the top things that successful bloggers do differently factors which are very correlated with higher income and a PDF of this full report.

Thanks to our supporters, Kinsta WordPress hosting and Mangools SEO tools , who helped bring in the 1, respondents that made our blogging study possible. We conducted this study as an online survey in February and received responses from 1, people who self-identified as bloggers — the majority of whom were U. The results published here have a 2. Content marketing is a crowded space, but he's one of the few people in it worth paying attention to.

And if you ever have a chance to work with him, do it. The difference between an article written randomly and an article written after a good amount of keyword-research and research in general is huge for me. What I have noticed over the years is that higher-income bloggers tend to be much more methodic. They take the time to research topics, understand their readers and tend to choose a strategy and take the time to implement it while lower-income bloggers often switch tactics.

I agree completely, Benjamin. Thanks for commenting! However, thanks a lot for the details research you conducted. This has helped me to understand a lot in the blogging world somehow. I found this from ShoutmeLoud Facebook page. I have got too many ideas after reading this. Seems you put absolute effort to write this according to 1, bloggers different thoughts. It took a ton of work but I knew there would be some interesting insights. Thank you for all of this!

No doubt this will help on my journey. I was once an affiliate selling business energy contracts, my own created niche being uk holiday caravan sites trailer parks as you may call them. Now the energy office sales guys handle all my contract renewals but I still like to keep in touch with my existing customers, some of whom have been with me for over ten years and counting.

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They have a fairly high spend. This is how I made blogging work in my small way, in a massively competitive commercial energy market where my customers get seven phone cold calls a day but stay with me:. I had email opt in links and simple opt in forms all over the place on my crappy looking blog.

I thought around the problem of marketing to this sector and focused all my SEO key phrase efforts on the energy tax problem and the energy reclaim opportunity instead of trying to just sell energy like all the other cliched salesy types do. I rarely blog at all now. My next post is going out to them today. Kyle, thanks for this sound advice. My action today is to make a one minute podcast and send this to my existing audience email subscribers first. Now its off to make the podcast. Thanks again.

Tightly-targeted audience, high-quality free download, email marketing, SEO, etc. I think that goes to show how some factors are more important than others, and also that it is all audience-dependent.

How To Make Money As A Blogger

At the end of the day, as long as a blogger a makes content that a specific audience will find valuable and b markets it in such a way to make sure those people see it, everything else is straightforward. I hope your wife gets well soon. Very interesting study. It would be interesting to know how would this look with or or bloggers but the data definitely points to the conclusions I have about blogging. And I love the split between less than 50k and more than 50k.

That is a good threshold for when things start to get interesting. This is a very detailed case study about how bloggers and what really works. I have made aome income from my blog but I really could use more. Thanks for this valuable information. Thanks for commenting and good luck! Very interesting! I spent so much time and energy working up to 10k followers on Instagram and it has brought relatively little traffic to my blog and I hardly get any affiliate sales from it. And Twitter is even worse. Thanks for the comment, Niki. Facebook will almost certainly eventually reduce organic reach on Instagram the same way they did on Facebook itself years ago, and when that happens I think we will hear about a lot of unhappy IG influencers.

On the other hand, a direct relationship with an audience via your own blog and email list is something that no single company can simply flip a switch and take away from you. So I think the smart play is to take advantage of social media if you can, but not to become too reliant on any single network — and always try to push them to your own property for future engagement.

Kyle, this is a great case study. I am so glad that I am among the few that publishes podcast episodes regularly. I find it hard to believe that some bloggers think that it is harder to get traffic from Google. It could well be that the latest algorithms, especially the one last year on mobile PSI, requires decluttered blogging practices.

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  8. In fact, this is, most likely, only a reflection of what the mobile user expects from any blog a great page speed. They could potentially be sitting on a goldmine if they spent more time analysing these statistics. Thanks, Alvern! I have a few thoughts on why some bloggers say getting traffic from Google has gotten more difficult. Another aspect is that Google has been giving featured snippets and instant answers prominent placement on more searches, leading more people to have their query answered right there on the Google results page without having to click through to another site in order to get it.

    Free Reports Goldmine

    Thanks again for your thought-provoking comment and also for your suggestion — I plan to repeat this survey next year so I will definitely keep it in mind. No throwing spaghetti at a wall to hope it will stick! This article is incredibly valuable for its insight into the things higher-income bloggers do differently, and supports the need for all bloggers to have a strategy for how they will approach different areas of their business. I also appreciate that you point out the difference in correlation and causation because all too often I see clients take a study like this and assume causation- and then take action according to that assumption.

    Hi Haylee — if I had to name one single takeaway from this entire study, it would probably be what you just said: higher-income bloggers are more strategic and deliberate, while lower-income bloggers throw spaghetti at the wall. Thanks for the comment! Great job! The money of passion, the passion of money… One question : affiliate marketing? Thank you, -Fabrice. Thanks, Fabrice :. Amazon Associates is one of the most popular networks for this, but there are many.

    This article gives me alot information. Thanks Byers. So what could be very interesting is to know WHEN they started to use those strategies, directly from the beginning or later in the process. Interesting point, Chris. That said, some of these practices are definitely achievable for smaller bloggers, too.

    Things like more focus on SEO and email, less focus on social media especially FB , thinking more strategically about what types of content will appeal to a specific audience and how to best make sure those people see it, writing more substantial articles, etc. Especially since one takeaway is that higher-income bloggers actually put less emphasis on frequent publishing than lower-income bloggers do.

    Wow Kyle! It literally opens up every aspect of information, that big earning bloggers are using to be on top.

    How To Make A WordPress Website And Make Money Online 2019 ( $100/Day - 4 Simple Methods)

    Apart from that, it also shows what are good things that are working for big bloggers. I am definetly gonna use this piece for my blog. Thanks a lot for writing such a great blog. I tried to be thorough :. Believe it or not, I originally tried asking about twice as many questions to cover even more… but it made the survey too long and very few people finished it. So I cut way back and started over with just the questions you see here.

    Thanks for commenting, Chandra. You already got 15 links. Hi Kyle, thanks for putting tons of effort for these insight, I just starting my own blog, and this article brings me better understanding. If you run another survey, I have several idea to ask.. Is blogging become the full time job?

    Do they schedule their post or Impulsively? It is amazing how you have quantified popular opinions about blogging and content marketing. This is really good stuff. I am going to reference this very often. I would love to interview you and probably do an AMA with you on our group. You can reach out via the contact page or email me at my first name this domain. This is great stuff, Kyle. Lots of great insights and re-affirmed the importance of having more control over your revenue streams.

    Thanks for putting it together. I wonder how many days this might have taken you? Amazing work here. I was wondering how you gathered over 1k bloggers to make these statistics. You shared a survey in social media? All you need to do is pick a topic, compile an eBook on that topic, and put it on sale on your blog or on Amazon. Once you are used to this process, you can earn a decent amount of money by selling eBooks online. Moreover, having your own product to sell is the best thing that you can do to generate passive income.

    You can compile your articles into a well-structured book and sell it on your blog or on other platforms such as kdp. This will also give you the credibility of becoming an author. I have created three such books and have been selling them on various platforms. You can use freelancing network like Fiverr to get someone to design a book cover. Native advertising has been one of the forefronts of making money from blogging. Especially, news and jobs kind of blogs can make really high income with Native advertising.

    There are a few native advertising solutions which are worth your time and effort of implementation. If your answer is yes, then this method is definitely for you. To sell your online course. The biggest limitation is the amount you get paid per click. If you manage to grab direct advertisements, replace those AdSense units with direct ads instead.

    For me, this kind of ad is the best, most stable, and highest paying. You should also have a detailed advertisement page for your blog. The below workflow is what I use here at ShoutMeLoud to handle such inquiries. You can set this up on Hubspot free CRM and this will improve your workflow in a great way. Paid reviews are a great way to boost your monthly income. This one is perfect for any type of blog with an established audience base. You could help brands reach the target audience by running the campaign for them.

    For this, you will be doing a brand collaboration, running webinars, even paid Ads or making videos. You will see an increased number of blogs doing it with various brands. Keep an eye on this type as its already becoming one of the hottest way to monetize a blog. Based on your skills, you can offer various services. Depending on what are you good at, you can offer content writing, logo creation, SEO, and so on.

    Best Ways To Make Money Online

    Offering services not only help you to make money but also gives you more use cases which help you hone your skills. In fact, launching your own services is pretty easy. All you need to do is create a page on your blog and list the services that you are offering. Make sure to place the link of that page in your blog navbar and prominent space for the maximum visibility. Make it easier for your audience to contact you and inquire more about your services. As you deal with your first clients, you will have ample ideas to improve the sales process of your services.

    In fact, you will be able to automate some of the things like payment and follow-up. A lot depends on how consistent and persistent you are. As the online space has matured, now there are more opportunities to make money via blogging. The only thing is, you need to be consistent for almost a year before you start making decent money to quit your job or to plan your life on blogging income.

    Passion: Things that you are already passionate about or have an interest in. For example, Cars, Food, Finance, Travel. Now, list down every topic that you think you have an interest and you could blog about. Traffic and trend: You would want to ensure that there are decent traffic and interest in the topic that you have discovered by creating your passion list.

    Trends will give you an idea if this topic is growing or dying. Monetization: The 3rd factor that will help you to find profitable blogging idea is an option for monetization. You need to see how you planning to monetize your blog. Is it going to be Ad network such as AdSense or is it going to be Affiliate marketing?. Even with high traffic, making money is negligible. Competition: This is the last but not the least factor. If you are getting into a competitive niche, you will find it hard to stand out and also outrank existing big players.

    follow site If you end up picking a broader niche, for example, fashion, in a competitive niche, it would just take a few extra months to ace it. So, you need to keep this in mind when looking at the competition. I suggest you browse more articles of ShoutMeLoud to get a clear understanding of picking up a niche. Your advertisers could be sitting at a different part of the world and there are 5 popular ways by which you can receive payment from all over the world. These are also popular ways by which these companies pay. They are all free to join and easy to use.

    You can also use these above services to pay freelancers or virtual assistant in the future. There are a lot of ways you can make money from blogging, but I would recommend not overwhelming yourself and instead implementing them one by one. All the above ideas work great, and you should find out what works best for your specific blogging niche. Thanks for sharing valuable content. This will surely help lots of bloggers to increase their revenue. You have shared an Inspiring Post here!

    One of the biggest misconceptions that I see bloggers having about monetising blogs is that they have to do it in one of a handful of ways. The reality is that there are many ways to make money from blogs. I do appreciate the information you shared with us and will love to know more about Affiliate Marketing and go with this method to improve my blogging revenues.

    Many people say that affiliate marketing through blogging is dead but I still disagree with them.

    How To Make Money Using One Page Reports How To Make Money Using One Page Reports
    How To Make Money Using One Page Reports How To Make Money Using One Page Reports
    How To Make Money Using One Page Reports How To Make Money Using One Page Reports
    How To Make Money Using One Page Reports How To Make Money Using One Page Reports
    How To Make Money Using One Page Reports How To Make Money Using One Page Reports
    How To Make Money Using One Page Reports How To Make Money Using One Page Reports
    How To Make Money Using One Page Reports How To Make Money Using One Page Reports

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