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The powerful Ramsey family is seeing red after favorite son Horace Ramsey is gunned down by U. Deputy Marshal Custis Long. Never mind that Longarm killed him in the line of duty to stop him from assaulting Mrs. Rose Delamonte. Ramsey blood has been A gang of gorgeous grim reapers has been leaving a trail of bullet- riddled corpses.

Longarm needs to bring them in, but they have plans for the lawman. Longarm figures if these wild women are going to try to take him out, he'll go with a bang The friendly nurses tending to a wounded Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long give a whole new meaning to working the night shift. But despite the bedside manner of these angels dressed in white, Longarm has serious business to a The only thing that stands between the townspeople of Bennett, Colorado, and the ruthless Cranston gang is Deputy U.

The youngest Cranston brother was left to freeze to death after being tossed out of a lo Grief-stricken Arlis Pine blames Longarm for the death of her father. Marshal Alvin Pine ended up in a pine box after the Sager gang strung him up for arresting their leader Del Sager -- and Longarm wasn't around to sto Marshal Custis Long is called on to recover the religious relic. But with no witnesses to the theft, it's gonna take a miracle to get it back. Charlie Cade was a small-time mail thief. So maybe Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long's guard was down-until a lady passenger poked a gun in his ribs and her partner pulled over their stagecoach.

The couple took Long's Colt. When his boss's beautiful sister disappears right after her wedding, Longarm's the best man to get her back.

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If the groom hurts one hair on her head, Longarm will take his own vow-of vengeance SICKO The moment Gideon Horne kills an upstanding man of the law, Longarm knows he'll track the infamous bad man from here to kingdom come, just to make sure he meets his maker. But catching up to his quarry in the Death Valley town of Panamint, he Longarm's just been assigned to a mountain of trouble. Guarding Cynthia Larimer looked like a walk in the park-until they got to the Lunatic Mountains, where her uncle hunts a special kind of prey: man After an ill-advised indiscretion with his greedy landlady, Longarm is forced to defend himself against her jealous husband.

But after the gun smoke clears, the woman accuses Longarm of assaulting her and mur The two-legged problem is one Delbert Schrank, who's ready to sing like a canary to put the notorious Jennings bunch behind bars. That is, if Longarm can Spoiled and prone to irrational rages, the Russian beauty sees the lawman as nothing mor On a fast track to some masked mayhem GIANT action!

GIANT adventure!

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To help a railroad baron who's laying down line in Wyoming, Longarm's issuing some outlaws a one-way ticket to hell Now he's taken on his biggest challenge yet -- a former federal marshal who's gone rogue, abducting his beautiful ex-wife and hiding out in Longarm's bound for Santiago to retrieve a prisoner -- a young killer by the name of Wesley Wade -- when his stagecoach is attacked.

The bushwhackers work for Wade's father, a powerful rancher who aims t Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long's been sent down El Paso way to break up a smuggling ring dealing in human cargo -- Chinese laborers. Going undercover using the alias Nathan James, Longarm waits for his moment to catch the s Custis Long and his lady friend Lucy are having a lovely picnic and swim until they are ambushed by five hooded men with blazing rifles. When Lucy is mortally wounded, Longarm vows revenge -- but he's not the only one.

Lucy's sist But he's only in town long enough to find and arrest Ed Galloway, train robber and murderer of Longarm's friend. Then some v The mining town of Sully Creek is shivering in terror. Three victims have been found with their heads in their laps--literally. To catch the maniac before he strikes again, Longarm has no choice but to stick out his own neck But Neal Bird, who's set to swing for killing a shopkeeper and an Arapaho girl, might not be spinning yarns.

Trouble is, the man's yellow lawyers have aband For Deputy U. But after his companion's father is killed, Longarm will have to put the quest for justice before the rush for riches After a sandstorm blows over, Longarm finds himself in the middle of an abandoned town that was previously hidden under sand. And he marks the spot where some hidden loot was buried, drawing thieves like When a beautiful Indian woman drops into Deputy Marshal Custis Long's arms with a bullet hole in her head, he vows to find her murderer, no matter where he has to go-or who he has to shoot Deputy Marshal Custis Long has been sent to the blood-soaked rangelands of Texas to quell a rampage of violence.

It began when a powerful ranch fenced in its smaller neighbors -- and now the entire valley is about to explode like After a pistol-whipping from Sierra Sue, Longarm can barely remember who he is. But as the cobwebs start to clear, he's determined to bring the feisty female to justice Amidst a rushing flood, an armed French dandy has kidnapped Longarm's lady- friend, an heiress, for ransom.

Now Longarm will have to keep his head above water if he wants to save their lives Marshal Custis Long has had plenty of impossible missions. But his new undercover assignment riding shotgun for a robbery-plagued stagecoach line started out bad and quickly got worse. The gang he's after has four stolen st Loyal daughter Cindy Allison pinches pennies to save her parents' ranch.

With her dead, though, prospectors could buy it for a song. But Longarm will do everything he can to keep that fro But the local sheriff warns him off. It may be personal, but it sure ain't federal While tracking down a stolen stagecoach stash in a remote mining community, Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long follows the trail of bodies to the thief's pretty widow who is suspected of hiding the loot. Marshal Long to bring him to justice. Longarm tracks down the thief and quickly apprehends him, but the deputy soon learn Where there's Longarm, there's hell to pay Deputy U.

Marshall Long's latest assignment is to deliver Erroll Bone McCluskey in one piece to Bismarck, where a hangman and undertaker await. And there's nothing more Longarm would rather see than just When he is accused of murder and starts hitting the bottle and rock bottom, Deputy U.

Marshal Custis Long accepts a job as a bouncer in a house of ill repute where he discovers what really goes on behind closed doors. Devils River doesn? But when Longarm throws killer Dolphus Lasher in jail, the entire murderous Lasher clan decides to paint the to When he is sent to Pecos to stop some stagecoach robbers, Deputy U.

Marshal Custis Long, while spending some time with a local senorita, goes up against a ruthless business man who is not above cold-blooded murder. Will Longarm bring a shotgun to his own wedding? Marshal Custis Long finally settling down and getting hitched? Can it be? Not only that, but the lady in question, one bodacious Miss Lizzy Holden, also wants him to turn in his badge.

Can Longarm Arriving in the Valley of Skulls to take down a posse of hooded killers, Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long, along with his curvy companion, also engages in a bloody battle with a sleazy rancher. But Longarm's not alone. Accompanying him is Adeline Hu So much for happy trails.

Tabor Evans

Longarm shows up in the rock-breakers' town of Happiness with a nasty knife wound courtesy of the prisoner he's lugging--and finds two poor hombres swinging, the constable missing, a cryptic note, and a whole heap of unan The four sultry daughters of Howard Diamond have declared war on the citizens of Snakehead Gap, Colorado. But when Longarm goes undercover to stop them, the warm welcome he gets from the sisters isn?

Arriving incognito in the small town of Yesterday, Wyoming, to investigate the murder of his former mentor, the town marshal, Longarm must first unravel the mystery behind Mr. Jiggs, the most powerful man in the town, unless he wants to end up dead h Longarm heads out to Montezuma, New Mexico, where men are dropping like flies. And when a proper widow unexpecte While on the trail of a beautiful con-artist who steals the hearts and money of rich hombres, Longarm finally catches up with the elusive lady and finds himself in her debt when she saves him from some dangerous outlaws.

When he saves the life of a wealthy heiress and kills the man who had left her for dead, Longarm is offered her hand in marriage but must cast aside his champagne wishes and caviar dreams when duty calls. Murder is not a federal crime-and therefore none of U.

Marshal Custis Long's business. Officially, that is.

Daylight Quilta Longarm Light

But when the town barber is killed for a measly bag of quarters, Longarm goes after the man who did it all the same Longarm comes to the aid of a town held hostage by a powerful rancher out for revenge. The townfolk lynched his son, and now he's vowed to burn the town down and kill everyone in it-unless Longarm can stop him After U. Deputy Marshal Custis Long blasts a killer to hell in an epic gunfight, he seeks respite in Hell's Half Acre, home of barely dressed women, drunks, gamblers, tinhorns, and outlaws.

Looks like Longarm's va Longarm spreads his wings. A contest seeking the fastest draw and best shot in the West lures Longarm and the outlaw he's tracking to enter. Longarm will have to dispatch a few other contestants to get to his man, but Longarm, along with his old pal Lee Suggs, must cross the border to track down three stolen Gatling guns, a mission that leads them to the meanest bandidos in Mexico, including the savages that have the guns and know how to use them. Longarm learns of mounted marauders with strange costumes that seem to give them heads of flames.

They're terrorizing locals and rustling rancher Carlton Barstow's cattle.

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And it's up to Longarm to send the Hell Riders to their namesake Marshal Custis Long, while dallying with a saucy widow, learns that a kidnapper named Blackbeard after the notorious pirate of old will soon be arriving in town, and Longarm prepares to bury him alive. Marshal Custis Long, on a mission to make the miniature, murderous proprietor of The Dwarf House Saloon pay for his crimes, must hunt down the star witness, a showgirl, and make her testify against the tiny troublemaker, if it's the last When a Louisiana senator hires him to find his son, a fortune hunter who is causing trouble in Cajun country, Longarm must protect something even more valuable than rumored treasure when the boy's pretty cousin insists on coming with him.

When a maniacal mountain man and his two beautiful daughters terrorize unsuspecting prospectors in the foothills of the Rockies, Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long joins forces with a sassy female marshal and her tracker uncle to capture these curvaceou With wild ideas of overthrowing the government, they're wreaking havoc in the Rockies, preying on ore trains taking gold to t When the judge in charge of the murderous Tull family's trial begins receiving death threats, Deputy U.

Marshal Custis Long must dodge bullets at every turn to get the judge to the courthouse--alive. Marshal Custis Long heads for the town of Toynbee to investigate a series of acts of sabotage aimed at the construction of the new Toynbee and Twin Rocks Railroad and finds himself the target of unknown enemies who will do anything to stop him. Hired to protect Congressman Howard Palmer's difficult wife and her daughter during Indian negotiations, Custis Long, while dallying with a mysterious beauty, must elude a very determined assassin. After thwarting a band of stagecoach bandits, Deputy U.

Marshal Custis Long, honor-bound to bring the bandits to justice, arrives in the lawless town of Zamora where he must go up against one of the most powerful women in the West. Marshal Bradford G. Marshal Custis Long is faced with a vast array of suspects, from an ex-jailbird bent on revenge to an attractive madam, and must keep his guns close as he tries to un While on the way to Colorado to bring an accused murderer to trial, U.

Marshal Custis Long stops in to see his lady, only to discover that she has been kidnapped by a gang of vicious killers, and must place his trust in his prisoner to save the wom Marshal Custis Long gets an unexpected traveling companion in the form of lovely Caroline Thaxter, who is searching for her father, and when they reach their destina Marshal Custis Long vows to expose him as a fraud due to the mounting body count that surrounds him.

Arriving in the deadliest part of Arizona to control a hostile situation between greedy gold diggers and the San Carlos Apaches, Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long, along with an old fogy named Gassy, a stubborn mule, and a beautiful Apache woman, disco Waking up in the town of Medallion, Arizona, with no recollection of how he got there and with a dead woman in his bed, U. Marshall Custis Long, realizing that he has been framed for murder, races against time to bring the real killer to justice.

Marshal Custis Long tracks a bloodthirsty gang that is cutting a swath of death and destruction up and down the Union Pacific railroad, while dealing with an aging, glory-hungry railroad detective. When Famous Frank, the hired gun in his custody, escapes, leaving behind a trail of dead bodies, Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long gets help from a firecracker named Charity who unwittingly leads him to a cattle baron hankering for a range war. Marshal Custis Long tracks some stolen army horses to a rustler--who takes a permanent after-dinner nap when his jailhouse meal is poisoned.

Now, Longarm is after a gang of murderous rustlers --who'll turn anyone in their way into dead meat Marshal Custis Long and Royal Canadian Mountie Sergeant Foster go undercover as robbers to infiltrate Natova, a hidden town where rich outlaws can satisfy their every vice, while avoiding the law. When he saves presidential candidate Gordon Maxwell from an assassin, Custis Long is persuaded to protect Maxwell and replaces an inept bodyguard who, unable to control his fierce temper and desire for revenge, vows to put an end to Long.

Marshal Custis Long, assisted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, investigates the disappearances of a number of young women from the Montana Territory and uncovers a remote town on the Canadian plains where the women are being bought and sold When he is hired to protect chanteuse Miss Claire, Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long is captivated by this vision of loveliness who, in exchange for his services, offers him some special services of her own if he can catch the man who is determined to Retrieving a fugitive from Wisconsin and escorting him to Fort Smith is one wearisome duty. Luckily, fellow traveler Miss Eloise Stephens is willing to provide Longarm with some stimulating diversions Curtis Long is hired to find a million dollars in old bills, which were stolen in a daring train robbery, an assignment that leads him to the Texas panhandle, where he soon discovers that he is not alone in his search.

Longarm's sent to destroy the illegal mining plan of some city slickers--a hard job if there ever was one. But he'll also have to babysit his boss's spoiled godson--who's stolen the job meant for him Custis Long is no shepherd, but when he's assigned to drive a herd of sheep through cattle country, he knows there's going to be a whole pack of pistol-packing wolves out to send him to the slaughterhouse The law sends Longarm to a town that does not take kindly to strangers, to investigate the death of a bounty hunter, but even with the cold shoulders, Longarm will not leave this town until justice is done.

Still, folks are buying mining shares by the linear foot. Sounds like a scam to Longarm. Especially when stock investors start disappearing.

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And the federal offic When he arrests the couple responsible for a sex-and-blackmail scam, Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long gets the chance to solve another crime when these criminals lead him to a bomber who has been robbing post offices and blowing up mail pouches in a t When a buxom gal goes missing, Custis Long's called in. But her trail takes him to a rancher who's meaner than a snake. And while Longarm's seen some strange things since he's packed a badge, he's never come face-to-face with the devil himself S Marshal Custis Long takes a much-needed stand against a brutal logging magnate who uses any force necessary--including murder--to run rival lumber companies out of the town of Pitchfork.

When a troupe of actor-assassins terrorize the town of Tombstone, Arizona, U. Marshal Custis Long, getting special assistance from a beautiful actress, takes the leading role in the capture of the killers. Marshal Custis Long makes it his personal mission to avenge the death of a fellow Deputy U. Marshall and two of his sons, vowing to make the men responsible pay for their sins - with their lives. When the prisoner he is escorting is murdered by a determined assassin, Longarm goes undercover with a band of outlaws to discover who ordered the hit and comes face-to-face with Sand Lachlan, an elusive criminal mastermind.

Lawman Custis Long finds himself succumbing to the lovely charms of a beautiful boat owner while searching for the truth behind the sightings of the late pirate Bloody Tom Mahone along the Texas coast, where ships laden with treasure are disappearing While investigating the strange milk-train holdups, which are intended to delay all milk deliveries, Deputy U. S Marshal Custis Long soon discovers that someone is determined to stop his prying with dynamite.

Marshal Custis Long must put a stop to these ruthless criminals, but robbery, con artists, imprisonment, and a beautiful woman stand in the way of justice. Marshal Custis Long goes undercover in the West Texas town of Tascosa on the behest of the Texas Rangers, he investigates the bizarre sightings of a glowing ghost in golden conquistador armor who leaves a trail of death and destructi When a dying man tells him that there is stolen gold in Sweetwater Canyon, Deputy U.

Marshal Custis Long sets out to find the truth with the help of his enemy's daughter, Emily Harrigan, who is determined to right the wrongs of her father by helpin Deputy Marshal Custis Long is forced to team up with the pompous Marquis de Sant Cerre, on orders of the President of the United States, when French gold is stolen - a dangerous partnership rife with betrayal, murder, and greed.

Searching for the fifty thousand dollars that was hidden by the late Abner Prentiss, Deputy U. Marshal Custis Long must join forces with Prentiss's mistress, Cherry Poppin, to find the loot and soon finds himself defending her reputation as he beco Deputy Marshal Custis Long, a. Longarm, casting aside his plans of seducing a few lovely ladies, accompanies two sisters on a dangerous journey, fraught with murder and betrayal, to find Picacho Peak gold. District Attorney Tess Hayward calls on her old friend Longarm when she runs for marshal of Buffalo Ford and her opponent, Big Dick Wilcox, unleashes a deadly scheme of dirty politics and bribery to beat out the competition.

Marshal Custis Long is after a pair of female cattle thieves. Does the fairer sex make better rustlers-and better killers? One bloodthirsty filly will show Longarm just how bad a bad girl can be-by luring him to his death Even though the newspaper proclaimed that Clay Allison, a brutal drunk and notorious outlaw, is six feet under, Longarm has his doubts when he hears rumors that someone resembling Clay has been leaving a trail of violence and blood throughout the sta Longarm spars with a sultry trio of revolutionaries in Spur, Arizona!

All hell has broken loose in a ranch settlement near the Mexican border known as Spur. Three Arizona rangers and a fellow lawman have been murderedand now it's up to Deputy Marsh While protecting a wagon train from a deadly gang of thieves who are hijacking shipments of gold and silver, Longarm finds himself distracted by Arizona Flame, a beautiful saloon singer - an infatuation that leads to danger. Longarm wants to brush off a county commissioner's claims that folks dying of natural causes have actually been murdered.

He's got some pretty fillies to break instead. But it won't be long before he learns that the truth hurts-bad He's about to become the new town Marshal of Reno, Nevada, and it's up to him and Longarm to find out who murdered the last one. After six weeks on the trail, both men are itchin' for some company of the female kind. Abigail Stanl Longarm's mission to check up on the Harrisonville post office has unexpected complications when he discovers that the town is populated entirely by female Druids, who are extremely inhospitable to strangers asking the wrong questions.

But from the moment he witnesses a man being gunned down by a lead-slinging lawman at the Crystal Palace Sal These spooky strumpets don't stand a ghost of a chance! There've been plenty of tall tales goin' around about long-dead madams and passed-on pimps acting all too lively out near Animas Point. And far be it from Deputy Custis Longarm to let a suppos Marshal Custis Long is going deep undercover to track down a mysterious murderin' madwoman known only as Twisted Sister. Her territory is the Staked Plains of Texas, where a range war is brewing between old and new Dutch At the request of the legendary Judge Isaac Parker, U.

Marshal Custis Long heads for the Ozark Mountain region of Arkansas on a mission to infiltrate a gang of outlaws responsible for a series of stagecoach and bank robberies, but he finds his task Longarm'll have to pay some lip service to this sassy seorita! When two prominent politicos turn up dead, one self-righteous Arizona town pins it on the local madame, Big Lips Lilly, faster than she can say not guilty. So Deputy U.

Marshal Custis It is deputy U. Marshal Custis Long to the rescue when Estelle Malone, the beautiful young second wife of wealthy mine owner Jericho Malone, is accused of killing her husband, only to have her defense attorney collapse in the middle of the trial. Marshal Custis Long heads for the border city of El Paso to extradite a prisoner from Mexico, only to find himself dealing with uncooperative FederalTs and an unknown enemy who wants him dead.

Marshal Custis Long ventures into a valley supposedly haunted by the Crawfords, a beautiful but dangerous pair of witches, to capture a gang of outlaws who have been using the area, avoided by fearful locals, as a hideout. Deputy Marshal Long's search for missing witness Harrison Dodge sends him on a dangerous journey to Alaska aboard the Yukon Queen, a riverboat under the command of a fiery and seductive lady captain. When a dying outlaw decides to confess about his involvement in a deadly bank holdup that had occurred five years earlier, Longarm finally gets the chance to find the killers who had slaughtered a host of innocents at a Denver bank in order to hide t No one is mourning the death of hard-living bully Cracker Marner, shot down in the local saloon, but U.

Marshal Long gets involved when it appears that Cracker's vengeful widow and mother are out to even the score, no matter what it takes. Hoping to recover a cache of stolen Army rifles that has been smuggled across the border into Mexico, Longarm becomes caught in the middle of an uncooperative Texas ranger, a hot-tempered ranch hand, and a sensuous schoolteacher hiding some very dang Custis T. It seems his mento An encounter with the lovely Alvina Lockwood leads to trouble for U.

Marshal Custis Long when she draws him into a plot to free her not-so-innocent brother from jail and into a search for a luscious female bandit known as Kansas Red. Marshal Custis Long and his inexperienced apprentice, young Dudley Applewhite, head to Nevada to track down a vicious killer responsible for a series of slashing murders of local prospectors. Longarm heads to Ambush, Colorado, to investigate claims that a man convicted of murder and sentenced to hang is innocent of the crime, but his search for the truth is hampered by a professional gunslinger out to add Longarm to his list of victims.

While journeying through Mosquito Pass in the Arkansas mountain in hot pursuit of a murderous outlaw who robbed a group of postmen, Longarm encounters the two lovely--and lonely--Shreave sisters at the local inn. Longarm is sent to New Mexico to intervene when a long-standing feud between Tom McCabe and Don Alejandro Montoya over land erupts in murder, but his mission could be jeopardized by an all-too-enchanting widow.

Marshal Long journeys to the small town of Gilead to find out what transformed mild-mannered Professor MacLennon into a mad bomber who is threatening to blow up the president of the United States. Longarm is given the unenviable assignment of guarding the president's activist granddaughter and her wealthy, spoiled friends, who are planning an undercover mission to help underprivileged women, a mission that is further complicated by the presenc With this ready-made family he's looking to settle down as a Colorado cattle rancher.

Too good to last? You bet. She just ate lead during Marshall Custis Long journeys to Colorado to investigate the murders of a U. While escorting a group of Christian Cherokee down to Mexico, Longarm finds himself up against a gang of banditos, nosy Texas Rangers, the Mexican police, and a tempting array of sultry beauties. Deputy Marshal Custis Long is ready for his big entrance. The Bureau of Indian Affairs believes that the show's Indian sharpshoot It's a silver town in Nevada, where a foursome of fierce riders just heisted a post office, but only one escaped with his life.

Joshua Sullivan marked it as to-read Mar 08, Michael marked it as to-read Aug 21, S Greer added it Jun 11, Richard Heinie added it Jun 17, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Tabor Evans. Tabor Evans. The Longarm books are a series of western novels featuring the character of Custis Long, who is nicknamed Longarm, a U. Deputy Marshal based in Denver, Colorado in the s. The series is written by Tabor Evans , a house pseudonym used by a number of authors. Lou Cameron helped create the character and wrote a number of the early books in the series.

The first book was published in and the The Longarm books are a series of western novels featuring the character of Custis Long, who is nicknamed Longarm, a U. The first book was published in and the final one was published in March In addition there are 29 "Giant" editions published as well. The Longarm series is a mainstay of the "adult western" genre which arose in the s. These books are distinguished from classical westerns by the inclusion of more explicit sex and violence. Other books in the series. Longarm 1 - 10 of books.

Books by Tabor Evans. Trivia About Longarm and the S No trivia or quizzes yet. Escape or live in the shadows forever!!!! Your identity is no longer your own. From here on out you will be referenced as Agent X. While your training begins in a classroom, you will soon embark on a high paced mission involving interrogation, overseas entrapment, and other top secret tests of emotional and mental strength. While this is not a physical game, you must be ready for adrenaline pumping fun if you want to graduate from the Spy Academy.

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Therefore, you must sneak into his apartment and collect evidence to acquit him of any wrongdoing. There is no time to spare; the police will arrive at any moment to seal off the apartment and the fate of your friend, the greatest detective of all time is at stake! Nuclear Armageddon turned a once flourishing world into a toxic desert. Mankind survived by hiding in giant underground shelters.

Radiation, hunger, and diseases remained outside; however, the Vault is no longer safe. What was once a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world, is now turned into a deadly trap for all the inhabitants of the Vault. Only your squad is tasked to complete the mission in time to save them…. For centuries it has remained hidden; a distant dream, or more appropriately, nightmare. Lost to time it remained patient, awaiting its next victim. An unfortunate boy entered the Maze and awakened the terrible power inside.

In the footsteps of ancient samurai warriors, you must cautiously move through the horrible corridors of the Maze to save the boy, or at least, what remains of him. You must hurry. Hakaina, the evil mistress of the Maze, awakens her demons at sunset, and in the dark they hunt. Only one hour until the sun disappears, and you with it…. You will find yourself in an old abandoned house, where long ago a family with 7 young girls lived.

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One day the youngest sister died under strange circumstances. The next day the remaining six sisters were found dead one by one. Till this day, no one knows what really happened to them and the house remains abandoned. Neighbors claim that at night, the cry of a child can be heard from within; that the silhouette of a little girl can be seen in the window; that the place is cursed and inside horrible, painful things await those who enter… Are you brave enough to step inside and uncover the horrible truth?

This is the house they warned you about, but you had to see it for yourself. Can you unravel its dark secret before it consumes you. There are no jump scares or actors in this room. You are running out of oxygen and your only chance of survival is to break out. You are transported to Medieval Europe and find yourself in a dungeon escape room awaiting the executioner. There will be no mercy. Can you work together to make your desperate escape before your time is up? A great game for any age, Birthday Parties, team building, or just a fun time with family and friends! The World is ending!

You are in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. You volunteer to help a team that is going out to the streets, responding to reports of a little girl trapped in a house. You only have 60 minutes before the heard of zombies comes to your location. Can you help save this little girl and stay alive? You decide to go on vacation and see the world in early One of your stops include seeing Russia.

Next thing you know you find yourself in prison with no idea why or how you got there. You meet 1 fellow inmate that speaks english. They tell you stories of how previous prisoners were able to escape. You are told that you will be executed in 1 hour, so you have to hurry up and figure out how to get out! You blinked and found yourself falling into the twilight zone!

Everything in this room appears in black and white. You blink again and it really feels like your eyes are playing tricks on you. Are you moving, are you standing still? Can you solve the puzzles in a room where not everything is what it seems? A barber shop business has been under surveillance for a number of weeks. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to enter the shop and investigate what is going on and return with any evidence you can find of wrongdoing. World War III has broken out.

Fortunately for the U. You and your fellow officers have been chosen for your one of a kind military background and battle skills. The mission for you and your team is to destroy the enemy and save our country from the invading forces. Your challenge is great because the enemy fleet will arrive in 60 minutes. Fortunately, you have at your disposal one of the best, and most decorated battleships to ever sail the seven seas. Your mission is huge, so good luck and God speed.

Your friend mentioned that she was going to check out a new psychic that just opened last night. You called to see how it went but she doesn't answer. Since you're starting to get a bad feeling, you decide to go see the psychic for yourself. When you get there, the room is empty and suddenly to door slams, locking you inside!

Can you figure out what is going on before it's too late? Recently, there has been a zombie outbreak spreading rapidly throughout the state. Luckily, Dr. Murphy is claiming to have a vaccine to protect you from the zombie virus. You have been selected to be in the next group of participants to receive his life saving vaccine.

When you get to his laboratory, it quickly becomes clear that Dr.


Murphy isn't saving people from the zombie outbreak, he's creating it! Can you make it out of his lab in one hour before you become another member of the undead? Difficulty Level: Medium. Room Capacity: 10 participants. The time is the bank is closed and you have 60 minutes to break into a laser protected office to unlock the bank account and bring back the money to your family. Can you make it in 60 minutes? The stories about strange noises, whispers and screams have kept away unwanted visitors. You just made the mistake and entered the room and the door has closed behind you… As the mystery remains unsolved the senses get complex and reality blurs.

You feel someone else is around. Is this really happening?

Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon
Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon
Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon
Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon
Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon
Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon
Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon
Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon
Longarm 422: Longarm and the Star Saloon

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