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What are your values? What do you think about even when you should be thinking about other things? What kind of influence and impact do you have on the people around you? What do you enjoy doing?

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How can you use your natural talents and learned skills to express your core convictions? How might your purpose be of service to the world around you? John C. Or is it merely what you think others expect of you? Are you consistently motivated to act on it? Or are you easily sidetracked? What is negotiable in your life? We are designed to be in relationship.

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Isolation is now considered more harmful to our health than heart disease. Yet, in our age of social media and technology, combined with our wounds and scars that have created fears and insecurities, we have slowly disconnected ourselves from one another. Commit changing that.

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You need it and so does everyone else around you. People will always judge, even when you living your truth, so start doing that today.

Positive Practices to Transform Your Life! - POSITIVITY

You, and the world, need YOU, with every imperfection, every freckle, every nuance. You are one in nearly eight billion—which makes you pretty special. Own it. No one ever said that getting older means getting more serious and, dare I say, boring. Life is meant to be fun too. Joy matters.

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  4. Pathological Positivity.

Laughter matters. So bring out that kid spirit inside of you. We all have it; it just might be a little rusty these days.

Pick up the phone and ask someone if they can play today. I know you have uttered those exact words hundreds of times before. Go play… you need it.

We all do. If you are really concerned, then please get professional help.

Enjoy and thanks for listening! MISSION We want to use our podcast platform as a vehicle to achieve our goal that we set for our media company which we created in the midst of the break. That goal is to help people start their business, go for their passion or idea that they have. We want to help them formulate a framework to get started, take action and make it a reality!

The Future Organization Will be a Place of Positivity & Purpose, Shaped by Three Factors

There is never going to be a right time, the only time is NOW. It is and we believe that it is our year. We believe that it is YOUR year and we will help you make it your year. The year where you take that risk and start your business or finally put your great idea to work, whatever it may be you should do it now!

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Fuel Your Passion, Positivity and Purpose – February

There you can book a free 30 minute strategy call where we can help you figure out what you need to do to get started. You will leave that call with actionable steps to get your business or idea started. Go to the website now and book your call now, don't wait! With that said we look forward to helping you get the ball rolling to achieving your dreams.

Positivity on Purpose Positivity on Purpose
Positivity on Purpose Positivity on Purpose
Positivity on Purpose Positivity on Purpose
Positivity on Purpose Positivity on Purpose
Positivity on Purpose Positivity on Purpose
Positivity on Purpose Positivity on Purpose
Positivity on Purpose Positivity on Purpose
Positivity on Purpose Positivity on Purpose
Positivity on Purpose

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