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I've enjoyed all of the Retrieval Artist Universe installments, though these installments that are missing our favorite Retrieval Artist and his former partner I find less satisfying. This installment I found much less satisfying than the previous Murder of Clones, which had some interesting events and filled us in on the universe outside the Earth Alliance. This one follows the lives of a few individuals who were touched by the Anniversary Day event. I was surprised when it ended, but Audible hoped I enjoyed it anyway. Maybe I'll revise my review in the future, but at this point I wonder if this installment is just as well skipped.

I'm feeling cheated by a series of partial stories at full price. This seems to have become a pattern for some authors. It looks like the publishers and Ms Rusch are trying to milk this story for all its worth financially at the expense of the reader.

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This "book," I hesitate to call it that, is just a few chapters of character development. It's reasonably well-written, in the author's rather unique style, has good character development, but no action, no real story. I feel like I've been taken advantage of, wanting to continue the series, which, overall, has been quite good. With the number of books in the pipeline, it may take years, if ever, for the reader to actually reach a conclusion of the tale.

This wouldn't be so bad, if the individual parts had something to say. I recommend this book for readers of the series, only because there is enough background information that might make it harder to understand what is going on in the future. Otherwise, it's pretty trivial.

The Hard Truth of Recovery & Relapse

I was hoping to get more information on who is behind the anniversary day bombings - no such luck. I'm not even really sure what the point of this book was, other than to make money. The book follows the stories of a few different people who were affected in some way by the bombings. We see a woman break up with a boyfriend and possibly find someone new. We see people trying to find loved ones who can only do so via DNA gathered from very small samples since many were vaporized when the bombs went off.

We follow a man who wants to find the person ultimately responsible but apparently gives up after very little investigation. The stories aren't compelling nor did I find the people interesting. It's all just reliving misery in the lives of the people we follow. Sorry folks, I like KKR but if you don't get this book, you won't be missing anything crucial to the ongoing mystery. I was truly disappointed that a I wasted a credit and b I wasted my time.

I've been disappointed with several things she's written lately but only now have I seen that lackluster writing in the retrieval artist "world". I'm not sure if I'll get the next one due out in March or not. Any additional comments? Less than stellar story - I've already heard anniversary day from 2 viewpoints. Don't need more, don't care about about these people. Skip this book if you don't like repetition. Hearing the same thing over and over and, well you get the point. The whole Disappearing series was getting a bit stale.

There's only so many stories of that theme you can do. This one was a nice change. Only thing I didn't like was that there were too many main characters. The author would do one chapter on one character then go to the next one's story, of course. Ki Bowles. Maxine Van Alen. Ike Jarvis. Lawrence Ostaka. Iniko Zagrando. Takara Hamasaki. Martin Oberholst. Rayvon Lake. Otto Koos. Sonja Mycenae. Najib Ansel. Celestine Gonzales. Kaleb Lamber. Sunbeam Gallen. Jim Rastigan. Ishiyo Cumija.

Duplicate Effort: A Retrieval Artist Novel Audiobook by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel
Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel
Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel
Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel
Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel Recovery Man: A Retrieval Artist Novel

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