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There is little doubt that the inspiration for this glorious psalm was a monumental thunderstorm. In this inspired account we find a true and biblical description of glory, beauty, and holiness. The psalm divides readily into three sections. The first is the charge to render glory to the Lord vv. The word give is used three times in these two verses.

The prologue to the psalm is nothing less than a call to worship.

Christians and Politics - Jeremiah 29:1-13 - Skip Heitzig

The main section of the psalm vv. We hear the storm first, approaching across the water, before it makes landfall v. His voice is filled with majesty v. This is what majesty is. The storm arrives and blows cedars apart with lightning v.

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Mountains dance in the strobed light v. The voice of the Lord forks the lightning v.

Living in Babylon Sermon on Jeremiah

The storm moves on to the wilderness area, and shakes the desert there v. The voice of the Lord terrifies the deer, and they drop their young early v. In the temple, everyone there speaks of glory. After the storm, the rivers are torrential floods cascading down the mountainsides, and the Lord rides them v.

When God gives strength to His people and He does , this is the strength He shows v. When He brings peace and He does , it is peace in the aftermath of this kind of storm.

Thinking we have escaped the superstitions of an earlier era, talking of high pressure areas and low pressure areas, as though this explained anything, we moderns appeal to natural laws. But this is not science; it is idolatry. It is a diabolical science, however, which fixes our contemplations on the works of nature, and turns them away from God. In Christ, all things hold together Col. God reveals Himself in the stars, in the oceans, and in the blackness of the thunderhead. Moses approached the thick darkness where God was Ex.

The Ten Commandments were spoken from the thick darkness Dt.


The prologue to this psalm urges us three times to give glory to God. But giving glory is the result of His grace. It happens when He moves. All you Calvinists, please note: we cannot control Him by acknowledging that we cannot control Him. We must give glory to God; we must not be among those whose lips approach Him, but whose hearts are far from Him.

Give glory! But the only way we may do this is through given glory. What is holiness? For what God told the exiles then is still true for us today. There are three points in this passage. In verse 4 we first learn why the Jews were in exile. Second, we learn in vv. And third we learn in vv. Why the Jews were in exile So why were the Jews from Jerusalem in exile?

Read verse 4 again. Take a closer look.

Lore:36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 29

The prophet Jeremiah is telling the people that this message is coming directly from God. The God who made a covenant with the people of Israel is the same God making this decree. Or in other words, God is all powerful. Thus, this statement through Jeremiah was made by the all-powerful God who made a covenant with Israel that He would be their God and they would be His people.

God caused them to be carried away captive. But why? Why did the Promised Land fall under the authority of foreign and ungodly kingdoms? How does this apply to us today? Our first parents, Adam and Eve, lived in Paradise. There was no sin and they were in perfect fellowship with God. Then came the fall. Having been born with the sin of our first parents, we are likewise exiled from Paradise.

I. Glory In the Highest (29:1-2)

We live in this land as exiles. The exile out of Paradise was caused by sin. The exile to Babylon was caused by sin. Regardless of where we live on this earth, those of us who profess the Name of Christ are exiles longing for our real Home. How the Jews were to live as exiles So how then are we exiles to live? That is what Jeremiah answers in vv.

The Jewish exiles were to live normal lives. Specifically, they were given four instructions. First, they were to build houses and plant gardens. With a sense of semi-permanency, they were told to live and work in Babylon.

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To build houses and to live in them is to establish themselves as members of the community. While transplanted to Babylon as captives, they were to nevertheless become citizens. And as citizens, they were to work there. By planting gardens and eating the fruit thereof, they were instructed to be laborers, earn wages, start businesses and contribute to the commerce of the land.

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Second, they were told to marry, have children and give their children in marriage. They were to carry on and grow as a people and not diminish. Now notice here, these first two instructions were nothing more than the command to carry out the cultural mandate given in Genesis 1, to subdue the earth and be fruitful and multiply. Before sin entered the world Adam and Eve were given the mandate to subdue the earth and be fruitful and multiply.

Sure, the curse of sin from Genesis 3 certainly made this more difficult through thorns and thistles, the pain of childbearing and marital strife. But we are still called to carry out this mandate. In doing so, Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew that we are salt and light. We are to carry out our work, practice our marriages, and raise up children in such a way as to preserve and enlighten society to the glory of God. Furthermore, they were called to pray peace for Babylon. In fact, King Cyrus asked in Ezra that priests in this newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem would pray for the king and his family.

As exiles today, we are likewise called upon to pray for and work toward the peace of our nation. It is in seeking this peace that we pray for our leaders and submit ourselves to the governing authorities as commanded in Romans We are citizens in a democratically elected republic. We as exiles are allowed to participate in the governance of this nation. We carry out commerce, we raise up families and we participate in electing officials, voting for laws and even get elected to office.

Joseph ended up as second in command to Pharaoh only to be used in saving Egypt from starvation.

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Jeremiah 29:11

Daniel was elevated to the office of ruler and chief administrator over Babylon. Paul exercised his citizenship in squelching a mob and reinforcing the gospel in Rome. To be certain, we are afforded rights in this land that we can and should take advantage of for the good of the nation and by extension, to the church. The fourth instruction given to the Jews was to ignore false prophets and even their own ideas. For there were prophets that said this was only a short exile. I have not sent them, commanded them, nor spoken to them; they prophesy to you a false vision, divination, a worthless thing, and the deceit of their heart.

We likewise need to heed this instruction living as exiles. Has not the church in the Name of Christ turned aside from the Word of God to embrace false teachings today? Has not the church even used a convoluted use of Scripture to support these false teachings? The only standard that we are to acknowledge as truth is the Word of God. That was the message through Jeremiah and is the message for us today. The end of the exile However, as I share these Biblical standards, the truth is that none of us do so perfectly.

We all fall short. And yet Jeremiah brings good news in vv.

Sermon Series 29L Sermon Series 29L
Sermon Series 29L Sermon Series 29L
Sermon Series 29L Sermon Series 29L
Sermon Series 29L Sermon Series 29L
Sermon Series 29L Sermon Series 29L

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