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We miss her. We miss her a lot. And this week every year, we remember her life and death. There is no way not to remember. Significant difficult trials in our lives require something significant from us. We have a choice to make. How are we going to deal with them? Both myself and my family chose forgiveness. My answer: only with the help of Jesus. That power is the Holy Spirit. Through this amazing power of our Lord, we can forgive even the most heinous acts. I know because I have forgiven my brother-in-law and so have the rest of my family.

Forgiveness is a key element to having a joyful life. When bitterness takes root in our soul, it produces an ugly person. I want to be what Jesus wants me to be. I know He wants me to be joyful. I did. We all did. Each one of us grieved and each one of us has experienced our own journey to forgiveness. I look back now and know by my behavior what was happening in my soul. I was knocked down. Tears, sobs, and sadness at the loss of Becky consumed me.

I could barely believe it was true. I lived alone in an apartment in the Twin Cities and the rest of my family lived in South Dakota. It was a lonely evening for me even though my boyfriend now husband was with me.

Becky G Reveals a Family Secret: She Has a Half Sister

There was an emptiness inside of me. A piece of me was gone.

She told me he was the one who called the police after it happened. He was arrested. He was suicidal. Do you know what I did? I prayed for him! Who does that? I prayed God would protect him, comfort him, and help him. Even in my own grief, I prayed for the one who murdered my sister.

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Murder of Becky Watts

Only Jesus could enable me to do that. I forgave my brother-in-law that very evening. Years later I saw for the first time in Luke , as Jesus was hanging on the cross He said similar words to the Heavenly Father. We have to forgive. It comes in waves. Earlier this year, my Mom died. I still cry frequently.

I miss her too. Tears help me deal with pain and ultimately help me heal. About a month ago I was cleaning out a file cabinet at home to make room for new files. I came across an envelope with my own handwriting on the front of it. In this envelope were three documents from the lawyer who took her case. I was only 20 years old. As I read the documents tears sprung up from inside of me.

Grief showed up again. On this day just a few weeks ago, I let myself cry until no more tears came. She would want people to know how important it is to forgive. She would not want people becoming bitter. That would ruin what her life represented. God made her to be a fun, light-hearted, happy person. I know her demeanor means she readily forgave people. About a year after my brother-in-law was in prison, I went to visit him. I needed to tell him I had forgiven him. My boyfriend now husband went with me.

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He was surprised to see me. I told him immediately why I had come.

Creepy: To My Sister Becky

His eyes told me what his heart felt. Why do you think I came back here in the first place? Not just for mom and dad. So they decide to make a pact, to always be there for each other.

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But Roseanne would be proud. It involves Jackie skinning and eating squirrels, and doing all the housework, and continuing to pay all the bills. She takes him to La Casita Bonita, where he holds his own in a verbal sparring match with the sisters:. The sex is not disappointing. And you [Becky] seem like a lunatic.

Just then, Dan walks in, and Darlene ushers Ben out of the restaurant before the two fellas can meet. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile.

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Sister Becky Sister Becky
Sister Becky Sister Becky
Sister Becky Sister Becky
Sister Becky Sister Becky
Sister Becky Sister Becky
Sister Becky Sister Becky
Sister Becky Sister Becky
Sister Becky Sister Becky

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