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Unleash your creativity and take the long exposures you always wanted to do. The Unleashed app lets you set interval shots in the easiest way.

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In the app you can choose between the Foolography auto-ramp algorithm or the secret exposure ramping provided by LRTimelapse. Timelapse by photohod. Whether for professionals or the next YouTube production: With the Unleashed you have the shutter release right in your hand to get everything important on camera. One of the biggest advantages of digital photography is the possibility to instantly see results. This is too cool to miss, so the Unleashed will send a thumbnail to your smartphone for quick review and to check exposure.

Unleashed Software + Xero

The exact GPS location of where you take the photo is saved in its metadata immediately. A must-have feature when you take your DSLR wherever you go. Find pictures of your favorite spots on a map without having to remember exactly when you were there. There are times when you have to work with more than one camera.

You could be behind the main camera, but with our app you can control up to six DSLRs at once. Start recording at the same time or trigger all cameras at the right moment. Triggering the shutter of your camera remotely from a phone is one thing.

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Completely remote controlling your DSLR with an easy-to-use app, another. The Unleashed app makes sure you have the best user experience right from the beginning. Once you connected your smartphone with your Canon or Nikon, everything is designed to help you achieve the photos or videos you want. We designed the Unleashed to be ready whenever you want to use it.

As a cloud-based platform, Unleashed software creates an enterprise-level business management solution to streamline your business.

Unleashed expands omnichannel support, brand by brand

Synchronizing your data to the best-of-breed applications you need to run your business. Ground Training - Beginner Learn the fundamentals of inventory management. Take Off - Advanced Get a deeper insight into our advanced features. In Orbit - Business insights Learn about industry best practices with our team and special guests.

Audio Signals - Podcasts Radio in on great inventory management podcasts. The next evolution of inventory management Achieve complete control of your products — and instant clarity across suppliers, production, inventory and customers.


Talk to an Unleashed expert Will Unleashed work for your needs? Real-time inventory control and reporting.

http://m.laserterapy.ru/includes/5-chloroquine-y-zithromax.php Enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximise control. Understand your product margins and make better decisions based on real-time, accurate profit reporting.

Smart Camera Control for Canon and Nikon

Learn more. The perfect companion for mobile sales teams A mobile-enabled sales team is the future — empower your sales team with the freedom and flexibility to make sales, work efficiently and deepen their relationship with their customer outside the walls of your office.

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The Unleashed Sales App is an indispensable tool for your sales team. Perfect for manufacturers. Unleashed will allow you to calculate an accurate finished goods cost through costed product assembly and disassembly, costed purchase orders and bill of materials.

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  5. Product lifecycle traceability with serial and batch. Use batch tracking to keep stock of perishables or to track an ingredient right through to sale. Serial tracking will give you visibility on a per-serial basis.

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